New Chef Association in Luxembourg: Food-A-Mental




Food-A-Mental is the new association in Luxembourg for the promotion of fine cuisine. It consists out of chefs and managers of gastronomic companies in the field of catering, pastry and event catering. 

The assocation will be present at Gault&Millau Culinary Innovators on the 18th of May 2020 and will welcome the guests by interpreting works of art in gastronomic form.

  • The Members

    •  René Mathieu 
      (Former Chef of the Year)

    •  Cyril Molard 
      (Former and Current Chef of the Year)

    •  Ilario Mosconi 
      (Former Chef of the Year)

    •  Arnaud Magnier 
      (Former Chef of the Year)

    •  Paul Fourier alias "Nobu London" 
      (Chef of Pomme Cannelle)

    •  Jan Castano 
      (Former Chef of the Year)

    •  Stéphanie Jauquet 
      (Current Personality of the Year)

    •  Rachael Rameau 
      (Lady Chef)

    •  Cathy Goedert 
      (Pastry Chef)

    •  Frank Steffen 

    •  Michaël Williquet